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I have been considering to make my own blog for quite a while now, for keeping notes of things that I have learnt and to share what I discovered, as well as to document some of my open source work.

However, deciding on a platform is tough as there are tons of available options out there. I love the simplicity of using medium and how it looks it, but the idea of giving the control of my contents to a third party that can restrict / manipulate my audience is really off-putting. There are other self-hosted options out there which are also great like jekyll, wordpress, vuepress each of them have their own cons that stops me from using them.

Until I finally found out about laravel wink that is perfect for me.

Now I'm not gonna be making an introduction or a tutorial for wink, the official website and plenty of other tutorials out there are really great for those. For me wink is just the sweet spot for my need. The editor is very comfortable to use, it is not at all invasive and I can install it in any of my laravel project without it conflicting with anything. And this might appear as an disadvantage for you that laravel wink (currently) does not come with front-end. So you will need to design and build that part yourself, but for me it is great as I have a full control on how this blog will looks like.

So if you are currently in a dilemma on choosing your blogging platform, and you have knowledge in php and maybe also in laravel, do give laravel wink a try. And hopefully you'll find your perfect match, as I did.


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